About Us

P-Solve is an investment consultant, fiduciary asset manager and actuarial consultant for institutional investors.

Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds, including actuaries, investment consultants, fund managers and investment bankers. This variety enables the team to see issues from the viewpoint of plan sponsors, investors and the markets.

P-Solve began as a consultant, and it remains a consultant. We won’t try to sell you products. Our purpose is to help your organization to reach its financial goals.

At the same time, we are a team that generates a steady stream of new ideas, holds its views with a high degree of conviction and enjoys putting forward its opinions. When acting as a fiduciary asset manager, we are happy to take direct responsibility for investment decisions.

Performance matters. We believe that asset allocation is crucial to achieving long-term investment objectives. We can either provide our clients with recommendations, which we will do at a pace that suits them, or act as a fiduciary manager, where we implement our recommendations.

Likewise, understanding the regulatory environment and issues like plan design are critical to managing liabilities. Managing risks between asset and liability performance is the crucial skill of a fiduciary manager.

Our business serves pension plans, insurance entities and other institutional investors in the US and UK. 

P-Solve was founded in 2001 and is the institutional investment and actuarial consulting division of the River & Mercantile Group, PLC.