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Retirement Update – June 2018

 Part of River and Mercantile Group PLC P-Solve Monthly Retirement Update June 2018   Download a PDF version of this article…   Key Takeaways: ✔ Discount rates were relatively flat during May. ✔ Markets saw more volatility in May due to...

P-Solve to Rebrand as River and Mercantile Solutions

The alignment of a consistent brand across the River and Mercantile Group reflects the increasing degree to which the macro thinking across the business is used to develop the investment views and advice for all the Group’s clients.

Retirement Update – May 2018

The rise in discount rates during the month will decrease liabilities for most plans.  This, combined with a flat US equity market across the month, will have the majority of plans seeing an improved funded percentage.

Comparing DB and DC Returns

P-Solve’s, Marc Fandetti, explains why it is wrong to compare pension fund and 401(k) performance.

Ryan McGlothlin to Speak at Enrolled Actuaries Meeting

P-Solve Insights P-Solve managing director, Ryan McGlothlin, will be speaking at this year's Enrolled Actuaries Meeting in Washington, DC on April, 09, 2018, 2:45PM - 4:00PM EST Ryan will be speaking in the investment issues session, 301 - Investment...

Retirement Update – April 2018

The small drop in discount rates during the month will increase liabilities for most plans, while the generally negative equity returns will ensure that investments don’t make up for this liability increase.  Neither the discount rate movement nor the asset performance was catastrophic, but the majority of plans will likely see a drop in their funded percentage.

Retirement Update – March 2018

Plan sponsors should see little change in funded status as of the end of February. Negative equity returns offset decreasing liabilities. Discount rates rose by over 0.2% in February to their highest level since April 2017. At the same time, the 3.7% decline in the Russell 1000 index of US stocks represented to worst monthly performance for equities since January 2016, when stocks fell by 5.4%.